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Women‘s Initiatives for Peace in Donbas(s) - WIPD

The Women’s Initiatives for Peace in Donbas(s) – WIPD bring together active women from different parts of Ukraine, Russian Federation and other European countries in order to reflect on common paths to peace in Eastern Ukraine. Together with Ukrainian, Russian and Swiss partner organisations, OWEN has initiatied this project in 2016 and currently coordinates the initiatives in close cooperation with its partners.

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine (Donbas/s region) lasting since 2014 has claimed around 15’000 killed, and almost 4 millions of internally and externally displaced people. As a result of the conflict, infrastructure and administrative mechanisms in and around the conflict zone are seriously damaged. The humanitarian and security situation remains precarious – even now, almost six years after the beginning of the armed conflict. Strong enemy images and deep trenches emerged between the different interest groups within Ukraine and between Ukraine and Russia. With the long duration of the conflict, the territories and their populations are getting more and more alienated. Former connections have been cut, and new social, political and economic ties appeared.

Women’s Initiatives for Peace in Donbas(s) gathers women who are affected by the conflict and who are willing to contribute to its peaceful transformation. Personal encounters and dialogue among those who found themselves on different sides of the conflict line help to build confidence, de-construct enemy images, re-humanize representatives of „the other side“ and help to build relationships. During the dialogue meetings participating women discuss intensely about their different perceptions. They jointly analyse and reflect on their roles and possibilities of influencing the conflict. Moreover they set up joint peacebuilding initiatives that contribute to more dialogue and constructive conflict transformation at the level of local communities. As a standing platform for dialogue and cooperation, WIPD builds sustainable structures accross the conflict lines and strengthens women as agents for a peaceful conflict transformation.

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Preventing Further Escalation in Donbas
OWEN unterstützt den Aufruf der internationalen Plattform CivilMPlus zur Verhinderung einer gewaltsamen Eskalation im Donbas.
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